Divorce Matters

Separation and divorce can be a tough challenge to overcome; a face often amplified if you live far from home and lack a strong support system. Read on as RAJAN CHETTIAR advises further on how to file for divorce if you’re an expat living in the Lion City. Q: I am [...]

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In The Know

Professional lawyer-mediator and collaborative lawyer RAJAN CHETTIAR answers questions on filing for divorce as an expat in Singapore. Q: I moved here just six months ago. Can I still file for divorce? A: If you’ve not resided in Singapore for three continuous years,the Singapore Family Court will not grant you divorce. [...]

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Speak Out

Professional lawyer-mediator and collaborative lawyer RAJAN CHETTIAR explores the importance of communication and understanding within a lawyer-client relationship. Divorce proceedings are often fraught with emotion. It wasn’t until I became involved in my own divorce proceedings that I truly understood the client’s position. A family law practitioner is not only a [...]

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Stand By Me

Professional lawyer-mediator and collaborative lawyer RAJAN CHETTIAR explores the emotive issue of divorce, recounting his own frustrations as he realised his unhappy marriage should end. A s a lawyer with counselling skills (and as a divorcee myself) I offer empathy, support and proactive solutions to people experiencing marital problems. Turmoil and [...]

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Why Wait

Lawyer RAJAN CHETTIAR explains the reasons why procrastination is common in divorce proceedings, especially when considering your ‘next step’. It can take a long time for a client to face and accept the fact that his or her marriage is breaking down. Even after consulting me, I see clients taking a [...]

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Filing For Divorce And Moving On With Proceedings.

Lawyer Rajan Chettiar offers advice to estranged couples filing for divorce. When a marriage breaks down, the estranged husband and wife may find it difficult to acknowledge this fact. Questions such as Why did this happen to me? How am I going to live the rest of my life? What is [...]

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Moving On

Professional lawyer-mediator and collaborative lawyer RAJAN CHETTIAR talks about plucking up the courage to move forward with divorce proceedings. There are numerous reasons why a marriage fails. The most common is a lack of communication, which over time can slowly tear people apart. When a marriage does break down, the estranged [...]

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Appropriate Dispute Resolution Methods

This is the phrase used by our Chief Justice, Sundaresh Menon.  And he is right in using this phrase.  Mediation and Collaborative Family Practice are not alternative but appropriate dispute resolution methods. Mediation, Collaborative Family Practice, Child Representative, Parent Coordinator are many methods and schemes referred to when we talk about family [...]

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Amicable Divorce

Family law is a branch of litigation.  One has to file the divorce in the Family Justice Courts in Singapore to end the marriage.  Mediation is the first step in the Court process in the Courts.  This shows that the preferred mode of dispute resolution is mediation and not litigation.There is [...]

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