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Divorce Matters

Professional lawyer-mediator and collaborative lawyer RAJAN CHETTIAR answers questions on filing for divorce as an expat in Singapore.   Q: Can I get a court order to file for divorce before the first three years of marriage have passed? A: It’s difficult to obtain such a court order, but [...]

Fair Settlements

Divorce comes with a special set of challenges, but these can often be amplified if you’re living in a country far from home and lack a strong support system. Read on to learn more as RAJAN CHETTIAR answers the queries of a client in search of solid advice to obtain protection [...]

Divorce FAQ

DIVORCE FAQ A divorce can have legal effects both in Singapore and in your home country. RAJAN CHETTIAR shares information to review when considering a divorce.   Q: I wasn’t married in Singapore. Can I file for divorce here? A: If you’ve been married for and have lived in Singapore for three [...]

Divorce Q&A

DIVORCE Q&A R AJAN CHETTIAR shares with The Finder several important matters to deliberate when considering a divorce in Singapore.   Q: Can expats file for divorce in Singapore? A: Yes, if the spouse is a Singapore citizen or the couple has lived in Singapore for three continuous years. Furthermore, they must [...]

Marital Problems

Living in a difficult marriage when you’re far away from friends and family can prove to be an emotional challenge. Learn how you can find a solution for your troubled union with RAJAN CHETTIAR as he answers pertinent questions associatied with interim maintenance, mediation, separation and divorce. Q: As a foreigner [...]