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30 06, 2017

Divorce Matters


Professional lawyer-mediator and collaborative lawyer RAJAN CHETTIAR answers questions on filing for divorce as an expat in Singapore.   Q: Can I get a court order to file for divorce before the first three years of marriage have passed? A: It’s difficult to obtain such a court order, but [...]

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15 06, 2017

Fair Settlements


Divorce comes with a special set of challenges, but these can often be amplified if you’re living in a country far from home and lack a strong support system. Read on to learn more as RAJAN CHETTIAR answers the queries of a client in search of solid advice to obtain protection [...]

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21 05, 2017

Divorce FAQ


DIVORCE FAQ A divorce can have legal effects both in Singapore and in your home country. RAJAN CHETTIAR shares information to review when considering a divorce.   Q: I wasn’t married in Singapore. Can I file for divorce here? A: If you’ve been married for and have lived in Singapore for three [...]

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16 05, 2017

Why Is Maintenance So Important


An unavoidable aspect of divorce proceedings, Rajan Chettiar explains how maintenance works and its effects on both parties in a marriage.  Q: What is maintenance? A: Maintenance covers the expenses and necessities for a wife and children’s living expenses that they used to enjoy before the marriage’s breakdown. Under Singapore law, [...]

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27 04, 2017

How Access Issues Can Affect Children


Access can be a tricky situation for parents to manoeuvre, but it is often the children who suffer most in this fight. Rajan Chettiar explains how parents can help make access less of a trial for themselves and for their children. Q: What is parental alienation and how it does occur? [...]

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8 01, 2017

Divorce Q&A


DIVORCE Q&A R AJAN CHETTIAR shares with The Finder several important matters to deliberate when considering a divorce in Singapore.   Q: Can expats file for divorce in Singapore? A: Yes, if the spouse is a Singapore citizen or the couple has lived in Singapore for three continuous years. Furthermore, they must [...]

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10 12, 2016

Child Access And Its Challenges In A Divorce


Divorce can be a bitter struggle, and often frays the relationship between parents. RAJAN CHETTIAR advises parents on issues with access and its difficulties. In many divorce cases, a parent who does not have care and control of the child – these are more often than not the fathers – are [...]

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14 10, 2016

Marital Problems


Living in a difficult marriage when you’re far away from friends and family can prove to be an emotional challenge. Learn how you can find a solution for your troubled union with RAJAN CHETTIAR as he answers pertinent questions associatied with interim maintenance, mediation, separation and divorce. Q: As a foreigner [...]

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5 09, 2016

Child Custody For Fathers


Battling for child custody can be an uphill challenge for many fathers who want to spend more time with their children. Rajan Chettiar explains this obstacle and offers practical advice for fathers experiencing custody troubles. Q: Can I fight for custody if I’m a hands-on father who takes care of the [...]

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