Child Support / Maintenance

This involves Court orders directing payments to be made by a non-supporting parent to the other parent / caregiver of the child. Even if you and your spouse are foreigners living in Singapore, your child is entitled to maintenance from both parents.

If you are encountering financial difficulties in supporting your child by yourself, do not suffer in silence. Come chat with us further today on your child’s rights on maintenance and the steps you can take to claim maintenance for the child from your spouse or partner.

Child Custody

This involves a child’s living arrangements pursuant to a relationship breakdown between parents. The child’s living arrangements may be decided during or after separation and/or divorce proceedings.

We understand how crucial it is for the child’s welfare and interests to be paramount in all circumstances. We are committed in assisting parties and the Court to ensure the most suitable living arrangements that protects the child’s interests. We look into issues such as where a child will live, how often the child should spend time with each of his or her parents, the sharing of special events such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year and school holidays, etc. As we are aware that the nature of parenting issues and decision are delicate and sensitive, we believe in acting decisively and swiftly in reaching resolutions that protect the child.

Child Abduction and the Return of the Child

We understand the urgency of a situation where your child has been taken out of the country by one parent without your knowledge and consent. To protect the interests of your child, we believe in making decisive decisions and acting swiftly for the prompt return of the child pursuant to the Hague Convention.

Guardianship of Child

In the event that either parent or both parents pass away or both parents are not suitable to care for their child, the Court may appoint a guardian for the child. You will need to make an application for guardianship with the Family Justice Courts.

Our lawyers have handled many of such applications for guardianship of a child and we are well-placed to advise you on the same.

Child Adoption

We understand that adopting a child is a personal, sensitive and important matter to you. We seek to take you through the process and legal implications of adopting a child to assist you in making the right decisions that will change your life and your child’s life.

We will advise and assess whether you are suitable to adopt a child in Singapore or overseas. Our services include application to the Family Justice Courts for the adoption of a child, representing you in all court hearings, where necessary, and working with the Ministry of Social and Family Development in the adoption procedures.

Deed of Separation

Separation is distinct from divorce. Not all parties who separate end up in a divorce. We provide advice on the legal implications of divorce on your marriage, your children, and all maintenance and financial issues in assisting you to make the best decision for yourself in your circumstances.

Divorce Processes

If you or your spouse is a Singapore citizen, you may choose to commence divorce proceedings in Singapore.

Commencing divorce proceedings or having to receive the service of divorce papers on you from your spouse is a difficult and life-changing experience. As family lawyers, we understand the emotional impact divorce has on you and your family. We are committed to walking alongside you during the course of the proceedings and to assist you to make decisions that will help you and your children move forward positively with your lives.

Domestic Violence – Personal Protection and Exclusion Orders

We understand that domestic violence is one of the most sensitive and heart-wrenching issues for most families. We are able to assist in intervention through the application of Court Orders to prevent further instances of domestic violence.

If you and/or your child have been the subject of physical, emotional, mental or verbal abuse from a family member, do not suffer in silence. Come speak with us today to take steps to protect yourself and your child.

Spousal Maintenance and Assets Division (Local Marriages)

Maintenance for wives and division of matrimonial assets are issues that arise pursuant to divorce proceedings. Our lawyers have vast experience in dealing with matters involving matrimonial assets of large quantum across various jurisdictions. We will advise you on the possible division of matrimonial assets and other financially-related matters according to the circumstances of your matter.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

We are able to advise and tailor specific agreements to cater to the wishes of you and your partner prior or pursuant to a marriage.

Syariah Divorce (for Muslim Marriages)

If you were married under Syariah law, you will need to apply to the Syariah Court for a divorce. Besides specialising in civil law marriages and divorces, our lawyers are also trained in Syariah law, and we are able to advise you on the legal implications and process of obtaining a divorce under Syariah law.

Financial and Property Settlement

If your family is presently facing a dispute on property and financial matters, you may wish to explore negotiations or settlement with our advice and assistance. Alternatively, do speak with our lawyers today to understand your rights and interests as a family member in the entire matter.

Deed Poll (Change in Name)

There are many reasons why people choose to have their names changed. Some of the common reasons are:
– You have just been married and need to adopt your husband’s name for migration purposes
– You are nearly 30 years old and want to change your name when you apply for your new identity card
– You are a Singapore Permanent Resident and you want to change your name in your Singapore Identity Card
– You want to add on a Christian name or Western name to your NRIC
– You simply hate your name and want to change it
– Fengshui reasons or advised by a geomancer
To change your name with a deed poll, you need to be 21 years of age. Parents must apply for their children if their children are below 21 years old.

Legal Wills

It is important that your wishes pertaining to your assets in Singapore and overseas are conveyed accurately and precisely in your last Will and Testament to avoid future misunderstandings amongst your family members. Speak to us about the drafting of your Will today.


If you have obtained a Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration / Letters of Administration with Will Annexed in another jurisdiction, and the Deceased possesses assets in Singapore, we will assist you to make the requisite application with the Courts in Singapore.

Administration of Estate — If you are the appointed executor or administrator in a Grant of Probate/ Letters of Administration / Letters of Administration with Will Annexed in another jurisdiction, and you have obtained a Memorandum of Resealing of the Grant of Probate/ Letters of Administration / Letters of Administration with Will Annexed in Singapore, you may appoint us to assist you in the administration of the Deceased’s estate in Singapore for ease of convenience.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney enables you to appoint a done who will act on your behalf in both financial matters and personal matters in the event that you lose mental capacity. Speak to us about what a Lasting Power of Attorney is and how you can better protect yourself today.

Deputy Applications under the Mental Capacity Act

You may apply to become a deputy of a mentally incapacitated person should the mentally incapacitated person not have drawn up a Lasting Power of Attorney when he or she was of sound mind. Given our experience in probate practice, we will advise and assist you to make the requisite decisions in your deputy application to the Family Justice Courts.


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