Personal Law Practice

Besides specialising in international and domestic family practices areas, our lawyers also possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal law matters, including civil and commercial litigation practice as follows:


We provide detailed advice and representation in the application for bankruptcy or in defending a bankruptcy application by creditors. We will also assist in determining whether an application for a Debt Repayment Scheme may be more suitable for you in your circumstances. Not all hope is lost. Come speak to our lawyers about your concerns on bankruptcy today.

Criminal Law

We offer advice and representation in all criminal matters – both blue collar and white collar crimes.

Commercial Disputes

We have handled civil and commercial litigation matters pertaining to commercial disputes such as banking disputes, contractual disputes, employment and tenancy disputes.

Debt Recovery

We also specialise in helping creditor and debtors in credit situations. We have customised Debt Recovery Services Packages to cater to the needs of creditors. The package consists of legal processes and tried and tested innovative debt recovery techniques. In view of our close working relationship with various banks, we tap on our knowledge of various banks’ operations to assist debtors to settle their debts in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Employment Law

We provide advice and representation for all employment matters including  the drafting and review of employment contracts, and advising on the termination of employment contracts, employee incentives, benefits and compensation schemes. We have represented private companies and directors in claims for breach of contract of employment and wrong dismissal, breach of fiduciary duties, and for enforcement of non-compete covenants.

Personal Injury Cases involving Motor and Non-Motor Accidents

If you have gotten into an accident and sustained personal injuries, you may be able to pursue compensation under common law. Come speak with our lawyers today to understand the quantum of damages that you are able to claim.

Powers of Attorney

We assist clients to prepare all forms of Power of Attorney in relation to property transactions and property rental.

Tenancy & Property-Related Disputes

We assist Landlords and Tenants who have disputes with their tenancies. We also handle all types of disputes over ownership of property.



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