I am starting this blog to write about my experiences as a divorce lawyer in Singapore. I have been a lawyer for 18 years in Singapore.   After having worked in a large firm for the first 6 years as a corporate and then a general litigation lawyer, I decided to become an entrepreneur. I started my own law firm in April 2003 with the intention to practice family law in my own unique way. Family law is my favourite law subject and I love being a family
lawyer.  I have not looked back since the day I became a family lawyer.

Family law gives me a chance to help couple, children and other family members.  To me, it is a privilege to step into people’s private lives.  I am also asked how I handle the emotional parts of family law work.

It was not easy initially. But now I learn to detach and leave the work behind in the office at the end of the day.

Rajan Chettiar